Châtenois (Bas-Rhin)

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Département : Bas-Rhin

Blason de Châtenois (Bas-Rhin)/Arms (crest) of Châtenois (Bas-Rhin)
Official blazon
French D'or au châtaignier arraché de sinople.
English blazon wanted


The arms are canting, showing a chestnut tree. It is canting for both the French and the German (Kestenholz) name of the village.

Blason de Châtenois (Bas-Rhin)

The arms by Schœnhaupt, 1900
Blason de Châtenois (Bas-Rhin)

The arms in the Café Sanka album +/- 1932
Blason de Châtenois (Bas-Rhin)

The arms on a cover (2006)

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Literature: Les armoiries des communes du Bas-Rhin. Tome II : Communes du département (Achenheim a Dimbsthal). 1950