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|width="70%" align="center" |'''Heraldry of the World<br/>Civic heraldry of [[Armenia]]'''
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'''The National Arms of Armenia'''
'''The National Arms of Armenia'''

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The National Arms of Armenia


Official blazon


The arms were granted on August 23rd 1990 by the Armenian Supreme Council.

The new modern design is based on the coat-of-arms of the first Republic of Armenia (1918-1920).

The coat-of-arms is the symbol of pride and dignity of the Armenian people. It embodies all the characteristic qualities of this ancient nation.

The four quarters of the shield represent the four independent Armenian kingdoms in the history of Armenia. The Arshakouniants, Artashesiants, Bagratouniants and Roubiniants kingdoms. The escutcheon shows Mount Ararat the symbol of the Armenian nation, on its peak rests Noah's Ark, which according to the Bible the Ark came to rest after the great flood. The supporters represent wisdom, pride, patience and nobility. They are the symbols of royal families, and have been for centuries.

At the bottom of the shield are five deferent objects, these are:

  1. A broken chain - This represents freedom and independence.
  2. A sword - This represents the power and the strength of our nation.
  3. A bundle of wheat flower - This represents the industrious nature of the Armenian People.
  4. A feather pen - This represents the intellectual and cultural heritage of the Armenian People.
  5. A tricolour ribbon - This is the flag of the Republic of Armenia.

The first arms of the new State of Armenia, which was proclaimed in 1918, were adopted in July 1919. The symbolism is identical to the present arms, but the colours are widely different.

The arms from July 1919-April 1921

In 1920 the new country was divided by Turkey and the Soviet-Union. The new Armenian SSR adopted in 1922 a new logo, showing the high and low Ararat mountain, with hammer, sickle and grapes. The motto is 'Proletarians of all countries unite !' in the Armenian alphabet.

The logo from 1922

In 1937 a new logo, with similar composition, was adopted and used until 1992 when the new independent country adopted a new version of the 1919 arms.

The logo from 1937-1992

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