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|align="center"|[[File:ug-c1.jpg|center]]  <br/>The arms on a coin
|align="center"|[[File:ug-c1.jpg|center]]  <br/>The arms on a coin
[[Literature]] :  
[[Literature]] :  

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Heraldry of the World
Civic heraldry of Uganda



Official blazon

Arms: Sable, upon the fess point a sun in splendour and in base a Uganda drum Or, the skin and guy ropes Argent, a chief barry wavy of six Azure and Argent. Behind the shield two Uganda spears of estate in saltire proper.
Supporters: Dexter a male Ugandan Kob (Adenota kob thomasi); sinister, a Crested Crane (Balearica pavonina gibberifrons), both proper.
Compartment: A grassy mount down the centre of which flows a river (the River Nile), between dexter a sprig of coffee and in sinister a sprig of cotton, both leaved and fructed proper.


The arms were granted on October 1, 1962.

The upper half of the shield represents the Great lakes, the Lake Victoria and the Lake Albert on which the country borders. The sun is a symbol of progress as well as the sunny climate of the country. The base shows a traditional drum, symbol for the culture of the peoples of Uganda. The drum was also used as a symbol of authority by the different Kings in Uganda before the independence.

The supporters refer to the abundant wildlife in tha country. On the right a Crested Crane (Balearica regulorum gibbericeps), a subspecies of the Grey-crowned Crane and the national bird of Uganda. On the left is the Ugandan Kob (Kobus kob thomasi).

The compartment shows a green mound, representing fertile land, and directly above a representation of the River Nile. Two main cash crops, coffee and cotton, flank the river.

Before independence the country used a badge with only the crane, see below.


The badge from 1914-1962.

The arms on a coin

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