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NOVO SELO (Ново Село)

Arms (crest) of Novo Selo

Official blazon


The black color is a symbol of the tragedy resulting from any battle, in this case the Battle of Belasica. It summarizes the self-sacrifice of those killed for an independent existence and a reminder of the price of freedom so desired.

The gold represents the light that is undoubtedly reflected in the blackness of selfsacrifice and heralds the unstoppable urge for a better tomorrow and a golden future. At the same time, it is a symbol of the natural abundance of the municipality.

The tower is a symbol that reflects the cultural and historical heritage of the municipality, and also builds on the importance of its position as a Macedonian defense turret, a kind of shield and vanguard of freedom.

The bars wavy are symbols of the waterfalls in the municipality. Additionally, with their entanglement they symbolize the ordeal of our independent existence and once again create an allegory of an established defense position.

The previous arms:

Arms (crest) of Novo Selo

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