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The Kingdom of Sachsen was a Kingdom in the German Empire and existed from 1806-1918. It was succeeded by the Freistaat (Free State) of Sachsen.

The Kingdom used two arms, the small arms, shown below, and the large arms, shown above.

Wappen von Sachsen (Kingdom)

The small arms show the historical arms of Sachsen.

The large arms of the Kingdom (shown on top of the page), or the arms used by the Kings themselves, were very complicated, showing 12 fields and an escutcheon with the historical arms of Sachsen.

The 12 fields are :

  1. Margraviate of Meissen
  2. County of Thüringen
  3. Pfalz Thüringen
  4. Pfalz Sachsen
  5. Lordship of Pleissen
  6. County Voigtland
  7. County Orlamünde
  8. Lordship Landsberg
  9. Margraviate Oberlausitz
  10. Lordship Eisenberg

The two remaining fields are normally part of the 9th field, but can also be seen separated in a base":

  1. County Altenbuerg
  2. Principality (County) of Henneberg

The arms as shown on collector's items:

Wappen von Sachsen (Kingdom)

The arms on an Americal tobacco stamp
Wappen von Sachsen (Kingdom)

The arms on a stamp (+/-1910)
Wappen von Sachsen (Kingdom)

The arms on a Dutch trade card (pre 1910)

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