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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Konstanz
Additions : 1971 Friedingen, Hausen an der Aach, Schlatt unter Krähen, Überlingen am Ried; 1972 Beuren an der Aach; 1975 Bohlingen

Wappen von Singen/Arms of Singen
Official blazon

In Silber ein aufgerichteter, rot bewehrter und rot bezungter schwarzer Bär, in den Vordertatzen einen von Gold und Blau im Spitzenschnitt gespaltenen Schild haltend.

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Singen was a small village until the end of the 19th century, when it started to grow rapidly. In 1899 Singen received city rights. The city did not use any arms on its seal in the middle of the 19th century. The present arms were designed and granted in 1899.

The bear is derived from the arms of the Abbey of Sankt Gallen, which had many possessions in the area in the Middle Ages. The bear holds a shield with the arms of the Lords of Singen, mentioned since 1087. Their arms are first known from the 14th century.

Seal of Singen

Seal from around 1900
Wappen von Singen

The arms by Hupp in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925

Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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