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Wanted !

The site is my private site, which is maintained by one person only. It is my hobby to collect everything possible with arms of towns, municipalities, villages etc. I mainly focus on paper-based items (see the menu left under Collector's items), due to space and shipping costs, but I do collect basically everything with civic arms !

This includes stamps, books, ties, cups, plates, souvenirs, anything actually, as long as the arms are visible in the appropriate colours, so no coins (these genearally are not in colour) and other plain metal items. Some examples are shown below.


I do not restrict myself to any country, but, obviously, I have most things from Holland as I am based there.

I also would like to have pictures (photographs) of the use of the arms in the town or municipality, such as on street signs, on plaques, on the city hall etc. I will add these to my site and I will contribute the picture to the sender. See for example the pictures in the page of Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Similarly, although I can't add that to the site, I would like to get official municipal letterheads and stationery.

If you have anything to offer and the shipping costs are reasonably (or you just want to donate...) or when it can be send electronically, I will welcome it !

My address :
Ralf Hartemink
PO Box 16
6700 AA Wageningen
the Netherlands