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Province: Lubusz

Arms (crest) of Gorzów Wielkopolski
Official blazon
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Since 1257 Gorzów, and neighbouring Myslibórz, Barlinek, Choszczn, Lipiany, Ośno Lubuskie, have eagles on their coats of arms. This symbolises the sign of an eagle used by Brandenburgian margraves who once owned these towns. By giving their coat of arms they were symbolically giving the towns their care and support.

The first heraldic arms of Gorzów is on the town's seal which comes from 1351. The other seal comes from 1444. The symbol is the same - the Brandenburgian eagle. Since 1541 the eagle is holding leaves of clover in its talons. The other towns change their arms in the same way.

It is not quite konwn when the current coat of arms came into use. At Mariacki Church there is a black gothic eagle. This became more fashionable and effective during the baroque era. This can also be ssen on the town's seals from 1707 - there is a heraldic arms with helmet and diamond, and as a crest two eagle's wings enclosing a trefoil (see below).

Siegel von Gorzów Wielkopolski

The municipal stamp shown in 1892

The arms as used in the 19th century
Wappen von Gorzów Wielkopolski/Coat of arms (crest) of Gorzów Wielkopolski

The arms by Hupp in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925
Arms ofGorzów Wielkopolski

The arms as shown in 1963

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