1st Air Defense Artillery Regiment, US Army

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Official blazon

Shield: Gules, two pallets argent, overall a cubit arm habited in the artillery uniform of 1861 erased alof a burning torch or, between two of a snake vert,
lipped and eyed of the third above and behind a prickly pear cactus all proper, fesswise.
Crest: On a wreath of the colors, argent and gules, a palmetto tree vert behind an arm embowed habited in the artillery uniform of 1861 issuing from
the upper portion of an embattled tower and grasping a rammer staff fessways all or
Motto: Primus inter pares (First among equals)


The Field is Red for Artillery. The addition of two white stripes to the Field alludes to the Campaing Streamer of the War of 1812, where some of the Regiment's Units orignates.
The Cactus and Snake are taken from the Seal of Mexico, symbolises the Mexican War. The Hand holding the Torch of Liberty, symbolises the Defence of Fort Pickens, the only Fort south
of Fort Monroe, that remained Loyal to the Union throughout the Civil War. The Crest symbolises the Action at Fort Sumter in South Carolina. The Palmetto Tree symbolises South Carolina.

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Literature: Image from Wikimedia Commons.