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|align="center"|[[File:us409sptbde.png|center|350px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]] <br> (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia)
|align="center"|[[File:us409sptbde.jpg|center|350px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]] <br> (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia)

|align="center"|[[File:us409sptdui.png|center|350px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]  <br> (Distinctive Unit Insignia)
|align="center"|[[File:us409sptdui.png|center|350px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]  <br> (Distinctive Unit Insignia)

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Arms of 409th Support Brigade, US Army

(Shoulder Sleeve Insignia)

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon


Unfortunately we have no information on the meaning or origin of these arms yet.

If you have any information on the origin or meaning of these arms, or have additional images that you want to share, please mail us your information !

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