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State : Salzburg
District : Hallein

Wappen von Adnet

Official blazon


The arms were granted on February 14, 1973.

Adnet was first mentioned in 740 when the village was given as a loan to the Archbishops of Salzburg. The village belonged to the State of Salzburg for many centuries. The lion is the lion of the State of Salzburg.

The village church is devoted to St. Stephanus, whose symbol is some stones. The three stones in the arms symbolise the patron saint, but are shown as the typical marble found in the area. The marble quarries have been of great importance for the local economy, which is symbolised by the hammer in the claws of the lion.

Literature : Zaisberger, F. and Pfeiffer, N. : Salzburger Gemeindewappen. Winter Verlag, Salzburg, 1985

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