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Département : Aisne

Blason de Aisonville-et-Bernoville

Official blason

  • (fr) Parti: au 1er d'azur au chevron d'or, accompagné en pointe d'un lion du même, au chef d'or plain, au 2e de sable à trois oies essorantes d'argent, becquées et membrées à un naturel, rangées en pal et à la filière d'or.


The arms were officially adopted on September 28, 2018.

The first half shows the arms of the family De Chastenet de Puysegur from Lectour, ennobled in the sixteenth century. On 16 April 1644, marrying Marguerite du Bois du Liège, daughter of Jacques du Bois Chevalier and lord of Bernoville, Jacques de Chastenet (1600-1682) became lord of Bernoville, Aisonville and other places. His son Jacques François Maxime (1656 - 1743) marshal of France built the castle of Bernoville. The family remained Lords of Bernoville until 1783.

The second half refers to Aisonville which, supposedly, takes its name from a troop of wild geese coming to stay on the ponds of the place.

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