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District : Beja

Brasão de Aljustrel

Official blazon

Escudo de negro, fonte de ouro repuxada a prata. Em chefe, um crescente de ouro acompanhado de duas cruzes de Santiago, perfiladas a ouro. Coroa mural de prata de quatro torres. Listel branco com a legenda a maiúsculas a negro : " VILA DE ALJUSTREL".


The arms were officially granted on November 28, 1939.

The crescent symbolises that the city has been occupied by the arabs for a long time. The two swords means the territory of Aljustrel belonged since 1235 till 1910 to the military order of Santiago da Espada. The black background means the richness of the mines. The fountain symbolises the health spa, used to cure skin diseases, which was famous in the region.

Freguesias in Aljustrel :

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Literature : image send by Sergio Horta; background from Artur Martins, Aljustrel