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State : Hessen
District (Kreis) : Vogelsbergkreis (until 1975 Alsfeld)
Additions : 1972 Altenburg, Angenrod, Berfa, Billertshausen, Eifa, Elbenrod, Eudorf, Fischbach, Hattendorf, Heidelbach, Leusel, Liederbach, Lingelbach, Münch-Leusel, Reibertenrod, Schwabenrod

Wappen von Alsfeld/Arms (crest) of Alsfeld
Official blazon

Auf blauem Feld einen aufgerichteten, rechtsgewendeten, golden gekrönten und golden bewehrten, roten Löwen; rechts ein Schwert mit silberner Schneide und goldenem Griff.

English blazon wanted


The arms show the lion of Hessen with the sword as a symbol of justice. The oldest seal of the city dates from around 1234 and shows the Count of Hessen as judge, with the sword in one hand and a shield with the arms of Hessen in the other.

Siegel von Alsfeld

The seal from 1234

The present combination of lion and sword appears in the late 14th century on a smaller seal of the city. This seal showed the arms of Hessen/Thüringen with above the shield the crest with two horns and besides the shield a sword. This seal has been used from 1379-1707. In a freis in the city dating from 1565 the arms with the lion and crest appear, but the sword is placed just beside the shield, not as part of the arms itself.

From the 17th century the colours are known, as three different 17th century sources all mention a red lion on blue.From 1720 onwards the sword is also placed on the shield; both versions co-exist beside each other for a long time.

In the late 19th century Hupp placed the sword on the shield (as was more common practice by the city at the time), but showed the lion as the barred/striped lion of Hessen, not the red lion. Only in 1972 the arms were officially described after the municipal mergers.

Wappen von Alsfeld

The arms in a manuscript from +/- 1730
Wappen von Alsfeld

The arms by Hupp in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925
Wappen von Alsfeld

The arms in the city (image Klaas Padberg Everboer)

The municipality still sometimes uses the large arms, with helmet and crest:

Wappen von Alsfeld

The large arms

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