Altenmarkt bei Fürstenfeld

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State : Steiermark
District : Hartberg-Fürstenfeld (until 2015 Fürstenfeld)
Incorporated into : 2015 Fürstenfeld

Arms (crest) of Altenmarkt bei Fürstenfeld

Origin/meaning : The arms were granted on May 11, 1981.

The blazon refers to local history: The municipality is situated in the east of Steiermark, a region that was often invaded by the Hungarian neighbours in medieval times. The local ruler, the Duke of Styria, was of course interested in settling the region again and founded a town there, Fürstenfeld. He also encouraged the founding of villages and colonising the land.

The municipality was apparently inhabited before this, being called Altenmarkt bei Fürstenfeld (literally: the old market near the field of the prince). So, the Styrian coat of arms (the panther) was displayed in its oldest known colours.

The lower half of the arms shows cross of the Order of Malta indicating that the Order has had possessions in the region since the 13th century.

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Literature : Image provided by Karl Palfrader (, background by H. Hayn

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