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ANAPA (Анапа)

Federal subject : Krasnodar Krai
District (Rayon) : Anapa urban district

Arms of/Герб Anapa

Official blazon

В лазоревом поле золотой мурованный пояс, вверху стенозубчатый, внизу ограниченный бегущими влево волнами, сопровождённый вверху золотым сияющим солнцем (без изображения лица) с лучами в два ряда, причём внутренний вписанный ряд - лазоревый, а внизу - золотой триерой.


The arms were granted on April 8, 2005.

The golden fortified wall underlines the strategic importance of the Anapa fortresses on the Black Sea coast, it also symbolizes the rich history of the current resort town, which emerged as Sind harbour in the 4th century BC

The sun shows 25 rays, for the 25 centuries of recorded history of the town.

The trireme is a symbol for the ancient harbour and trading, but also more in general for the importance of international maritime trade for centuries.

The previous arms were granted on August 29, 1973 .

Arms of/Герб Anapa

The arms show again the sun, and a more modern ship, but also a nunch of grapes for the viticultur ein the area. Over all the emblem of the Pioneer organization, as a symbol for the famous children's health resorts.

On May 5, 2011 the town was rewarded with the title "City of Military Glory" and was allowed to use the banner and swords of this honour around the shield. The swords were shown on a 2012 commemorative coin, see below.

Arms (crest) of Anapa

A 1970s souvenir badge with a symbol for Anapa
Arms (crest) of Anapa

A 2012 commemorative coin with the arms


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