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Born : October 14, 1943
Deceased :

Auxiliary bishop of Ljubljana, 2000-2006; Titular Bishop of Musti in Numidia
Bishop of Novo Mesto, 2006-2021

Arms (crest) of Andrej Glavan
Official blazon
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In the first part is Andrej's cross. The Apostle Andrew, the bishop's baptismal patron, is said to have worked in Bithynia, Thrace, and Greece; thus in the area of ​​present-day Russia and the Balkans. In his old age he settled as a bishop in Patras, where around 60 AD, during the reign of Emperor Nero, he suffered martyrdom for refusing to deny Jesus. He was sentenced to torture and crucifixion on an obliquely placed cross.

In the second part of the bishop's coat of arms is a star, the symbol of Mary.

The motto means: "Whatever he tells you, do it!" (Jn 2,5) is taken from the Gospel account of the wedding at Cana of Galilee. The bride and groom ran out of wine. Mary noticed their confusion and warned Jesus of this embarrassment. She then ordered the servers, "Whatever he tells you, do it!" When they listened to her voice and followed her instructions, Jesus performed the first miracle when he turned water into wine. These words teach us that we must pay attention to human distress, and above all, that we must rely on the words of Mary and Jesus in our lives and actions, because this is how wonderful things will happen in our lives.


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