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State : Nordrhein-Westfalen
District (Kreis) : Soest (until 1975 Lippstadt)
Amt : Amt Anröchte
Additions : 1975 Altengeseke, Altenmellrich, Berge, Effeln, Klieve, Mellrich, Robringhausen, Uelde, Waltringhausen

Wappen von Anröchte

Official blazon

(de) In Gold auf grünsilber geschachter Mauerpyramide ein auffliegender schwarzer Adler.


The arms were granted on May 11, 1939 and again on March 15, 1976.

The eagle is taken from the arms of the Knights of Anröchte, a branch of the Counts of Arnsberg (who also used an eagle), who lived in the town in the 13th-15th century. The base shows the local green-blue dolomite mountain, which is quarried and exported.

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