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State : Burgenland
District : Mattersburg
Incorporated into : 1971-1991 Hintau-Antau

Wappen von Antau

Official blazon


The arms were officially granted on ??-??-1991.

The wheat ears are a canting element, the name Antau is derived from the Hungarian Szántó, meaning field. It also symbolises that the village was one of the few in the region that only lived of the cultivation of wheat and other crops, instead of wine.

The wheel is a symbol for the watermill in the Wulka, whichhas been of great importance for the development of the village.

The tower is first seen on the local seal from the 18th century. It's meaning is not known. The seal was used until 1906 when a new seal was made, which also showed the tower, see below.


The seal from the 18th century

The seal from 1906

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Literature : Prickler and Prickler, 1997

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