Armes des Villes de France

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Armes des Villes de France

Series information :

  • Issued by : Many different companies in France
  • Date of issue : 1920s (?)
  • Number of stamps/cards : 84
  • Image variants : Not known, but many differences in texts on reverse


This is a large series of trade cards issued in France, showing the coat of arms of cities, with a small city view. The cards were issued as blancs and could be printed by different companies and used as trade cards.

The series consisted of 84 cards with the arms and a view of the capital city of each département at the time.

The series have been issued by at least 15 companies, most based in the North of France, around 1920-25. Many companies used the reverse for advertising, but there are other series in which there is a description of the town as well.

The cards were most likely obtained by buying the product. I only have advertisement material of La Kabiline. This company issued a large poster (57 cm high, approx 1 m wide) in three parts, two parts with the (uncut) cards, the third one with advertisement in the middle. The reverse states that one could obtain the three parts to get the complete series. Unlike the normal cards of La Kabiline, the uncut cards on the poster do not have the advertisement on the reverse.

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Image gallery

Cards issued

All cards can be seen here in the Félix Potin series, the only series of 84 that I have complete.

1 Agen 2 Albi 3 Alençon 4 Amiens 5 Angers 6 Angoulême 7 Annecy 8 Arras 9 Auch 10 Aurillac
11 Auxerre 12 Avignon 13 Bar-le-Duc 14 Beauvais 15 Belfort 16 Besançon 17 Blois 18 Bordeaux 19 Bourg-en-Bresse 20 Bourges
21 Caen 22 Cahors 23 Carcassonne 24 Châlons-sur-Marne 25 Chambéry 26 Chartres 27 Châteauroux 28 Chaumont 29 Clermont-Ferrand 30 Digne-les-Bains
31 Dijon 32 Épinal 33 Évreux 34 Foix 35 Gap 36 Grenoble 37 Guéret 38 Laon 39 La Rochelle 40 La Roche-sur-Yon
41 Laval 42 Le Mans 43 Le Puy-en-Velay 44 Lille 45 Limoges 46 Lons 47 Lyon 48 Macon 49 Marseille 50 Melun
51 Mende 52 Montauban 53 Mont-de-Marsan 54 Montpellier 55 Moulins 56 Nancy 57 Nantes 58 Nevers 59 Nice 60 Nîmes
61 Niort 62 Orléans 63 Paris 64 Pau 65 Périgueux 66 Perpignan 67 Poitiers 68 Privas 69 Quimper 70 Rennes
71 Rodez 72 Rouen 73 Saint-Brieuc 74 Saint-Étienne 75 Saint-Lô 76 Tarbes 77 Toulouse 78 Tours 79 Troyes 80 Tulle
81 Valence 82 Vannes 83 Versailles 84 Vesoul


In the table below the companies that are known to have issued these series are listed. Per company there is one example of front and reverse, as well as some minor company information. More images (when known) can be seen by clicking on the name of the company.C. Beriot: cichory coffee, Lille

Casiez: cichory coffee, Cambrai

Dr. Franck: Anti-constipation pills (2 backs)

Image gallery

Félix Potin: chocolate

Guérin Boutron: chocolate, Paris

Alcide Picard: éditeur, Paris

La Grande Trappe: chocolate

La Kabiline: fabric dyes

Joseph Lervilles : cichory coffee

Extract Picard: Grape concentrate

Bourgeois and Labbe : cichory coffee and tapioca, Cambrai

Cardon-Duverger (La Boulangerie): cichory coffee, Ste-Olle-lez-Cambrai

Debauve & Gallais: Chocolates and tea, Paris

Protez-Delâtre: Chocolates and tea, Paris

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