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State : Bayern
Urban district (Kreisfreie Stadt) : Augsburg
Additions 1910 Meringerau; 1911 Oberhausen, Pfersee; 1913 Hochzoll, Lechhausen; 1916 Kriesgshaber; 1972 Göggingen, Haunstetten, Inningen

Wappen von Augsburg/Arms (crest) of Augsburg
Official blazon

In von Rot und Silber gespaltenem Schild eine grüne Zirbelnuss auf goldenem Kapitell, das mit einem gekrönten Köpfchen belegt ist.

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The oldest known seal of Augsburg dates from 1237 and shows a city gate under a star. In the gate there is a so-called tree-of-life. From 1260 until the 19th century the seals of the city showed the same composition, but with a bunch of grapes in the gate. The grapes are a canting symbol, Augster is a variety of grapes.

Wappen von Augsburg

Seal from Augsburg
Wappen von Augsburg

Seal from Augsburg

In the meantime the arms developed separately. In the 15th century the grapes appear in images on a red and white shield. The shield is taken from the arms of the Bishops of Augsburg. In the late 15th century an antique pine tree cone was found in the city and the grapes were subsequently changed into a so-called Zirbelnuss (Swiss pine, also called Swiss stone pine). At the same time the pillar was added. In 1521 the small angel's head appears for the first time.

The crown does not appear until 1811. The arms have not changed since.

Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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