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State : Oberösterreich
District : Ried im Innkreis

Wappen von Aurolzmünster

Official blazon


The arms were granted on June 24, 1974.

The right half of these arms is derived from the arms of the Lords of Tannberg, who ruled Aurolzmünster from 1375-1676, and acquired town rights in 1394. The left half shows two crossed battleclubs (Streitkolben), derived from the arms of the Counts of the Wahl, Lords of Aurolzmünster from 1676-1797. The latter also built the local castle around 1700. The colours at the same time symbolise the colurs of Bayern (blue-silver) and Austria (red-silver), as the town was part of Bayern until 1779.

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Literature : Baumert, H.E. : Oberösterreichische Gemeindewappen, Linz, 1996.

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