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Arms of Automobile Association

Official blazon

Arms : Or, two chevronels interlaced, overall a bar sable.
Crest: on a wreath of the colours a representation of Apollo proper driving his chariot and horses sable in front of a demi sun Or.
Supporters: dexter, a lion Or, crined and tufted sable, and crowned with a mural crown Or, masoned sable. Sinister: a griffin Or armed and beaked and tufted sable, crowned with a rural crown Or. The whole set upon a compartment comprising a grassy mount vert, at either side a tower proper, both joined by a road Or.
Motto: Courtesy and Care


The arms were officially granted on September 14, 1973 (UK). Also granted on February 27, 1976 in Ireland.

The shield shows the initials of the organisation in an heraldic way.

Town and country are symbolised by the crowns worn by the supporters.


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