Bad Mingolsheim

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Official blazon

(de) In Blau eine silberne Muschel über zwei nebeneinanderliegenden, an den Außenseiten geöffneten silbernen Ringen.


The arms were granted on July 24, 1957.

(Bad) Mingolsheim was first mentioned in 773 and belonged from the 13th century until 1803 to the Monastery of Speyr. The oldest seal of the village is known since 1517, but its origin may be older. The seal already shows the arms. Somehow the seal got lost, as in the early 17th century it was mentioned that the local council did not have a seal. In 1622 a new seal appears, with the same composition.

During the end of the 18th century a new seal was made. This seal did not show the old arms, but the patron saint, St. Lambertus. Under the saint the two rings were seen. The latter disappear in the following seal, which was made in 1807.

In 1907 arms for the village were designed, based on the seal from 1517. Another design showed in silver St. Lambertus with in a blue base the shell and rings. The municipality choose the latter combination of the new and old seals. Not until 1957 the old arms were restored. As no colours were known, it was decided to use the colours of the Bishops of Speyr.

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