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Province : Saskatchewan

Arms (crest) of Balgonie

Official blazon

Arms : Quarterly first Vert a garb Or second Argent a prairie lily proper third Argent a cross moline Gules quarter-pierced fourth Vert on a chevron Argent three roses Gules seeded Or between three swords in pale Argent hilts in base Or all within a bordure quarterly counterchanged.
Crest: Issuant from a mural crown Or masoned Vert bearing a freize of thistles Purpure and prairie lilies proper a demi lion Gules holding a scythe Or.
Supporters: On a field of grain Or dexter a mare Argent semé of prairie lily flowers proper sinister a stallion Argent semé of crosses moline Gules quarter-pierced.


The arms were officially granted on June 4, 1993.

The garb in the first quarter is taken from the arms of Saskatchewan. The Prairie Lily (Western Red Lily) in the second quarter is one of the Provincial badges.

The third quarter is the arms of Sibbaid of Balgonie, the earliest known Laird of Balgonie in Scotland. The fourth quarter is the arms of Morris of Balgonie and Eddersgoll the present Laird.

The lion in the crest can represent both Saskatchewan and Scotland, and the scythe held by the lion illustrates the agricultural origins of the town. The mural crown represents a municipal body whilst its tinctures are the Provincial livery colours. The frieze of thistles and lilies commemorate the town's ties between Scotland and Saskatchewan.

The supporters and compartment also illustrate the agricultural foundations of the town. The bordure and livery colours are those of Morris of Balgonie and Eddergoll.

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