Beau Bassin - Rose Hill

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Civic heraldry of Mauritius


District : Plains Wilhelms


The arms were granted in 1969.

The white and blue wavy divisions in the shield represent the pond of Beau Bassin. The golden rose at the top symbolises Rose-Hill. As for the three golden fleurs de lys, they allude to France and the original control of the Compagnie des Indes. The arrangement of the three piles, on which stand the rose and the fleur de lys, is suggestive of the sun rise on Corps de garde, whilst the green portion represents the surrounding countryside.

The crest shows a Centaur, a half-man and half-horse. This mythological figure of athletic fame typified by Chiron, patron of music and the arts as well as teacher and instructor of the young, symbolises the educational, cultural, and sporting traits of the town.

The apt motto of Tenax et Fidelis can be translated as Firmness and Faithfulness.


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