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Département : Haut-Rhin

Blason de Blodelsheim

Official blason

  • (fr) De gueules à deux cierges d'argent, allumés d'or, passés en sautoir et soutenus d'une fasce ondée abaissée d'argent.


The arms were adopted in 1978.

The two burning candles are the symbol of St. Blasius, the local patron saint. The wavy bar symbolises the Rhine river.

Previously for Blodelsheim arms with a black letter P on silver were used. The P standing for the old name Plodelsheim.

Blason de Blodelsheim

The arms in Hozier (1696)
Blason de Blodelsheim

The arms by Schœnhaupt, 1900
Blason de Blodelsheim

The arms in the Café Sanka album +/- 1932

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