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State : Steiermark
District : Graz-Umgebung
Incorporated into : 2015 Eggersdorf bei Graz

Wappen von Brodingberg

Official blazon


These arms were granted April 30th, 1990.

Brodingberg is situated between two old roads, which are very important for eastern Styria. For centuries, the local smallholders earned themselves a supplementary income, making deliveries by horse and cart or such. Traffic was by horse in these times, so a horse was put in the shield. Originally, the lands of the now Brodingberg municipality were in the possession of the Duke of Styria. Later they passed to the Cistercian abbey of Rein. The tinctures gold and blue were taken from the abbey arms.

The shield is strewn with hazel-nuts, paying respect to the obsolete municipality of Haselbach (Hazel Creek), which was incorporated into Brodingberg.

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Literature : Image provided by Karl Palfrader (, background by H. Hayn Austria.jpg Link=Steiermark