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Overview of images by theme

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6. Plants
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10. Heraldic creatures

Themes and charges used in civic heraldry
this section is and will always be under construction as the number of charges is endless !

This page is the starting point to look for a coat of arms with a particular charge or shield division or to identify unknown arms. As not all arms on the site are categorised, I can not guarantee that an image can be found. If you can not find the image, you can also send a mail to see if I can help.

All themes added so far can be found at the Alphabetical list of all themes or see the divisions below !

Divisions and ordinaries

  • Just divided equally (horizontally, vertically, diagonally etc)

More divisions : Category:Division_of_the_shield

  • Bars and pales

More bends and pales: Category:Division lines and pales

  • Chevrons

More chevrons: Category:Chevrons

  • Subordinaries

More subordinaries: Category:Subordinaries

  • Crosses

More crosses : Category:Crosses

  • Other

Heraldic Charges

A charge is any non geometrical, natural or imaginary figure placed anywhere on the shield.

Heraldic or phantasy creatures

The arms show a heraldic animal or creature (or a part thereof), including Zodiac signs, such as :

More Heraldic or phantasy creatures.

Heraldic plants

Fdl2.gif The arms show an heraldic lily (Fleur-de-lys), see Category:Fleur-de-lys

Living nature

The arms shows a natural human, plant or animal, or parts thereof



The arms shows humans of parts of humans

Fungi and mushrooms


Some common plants:

For any other plant, see Plants
For plants only displayed or used as foods, see also Foods

Non-living nature

Cosmological or astrological objects

This category includes all heavenly bodies and other items of astrology or astronomy.

  • For any other astrological or astronomical symbol see Astrology

Geology and meteorology

This includes any type of charge showing a mountain, volcano, crystal or other specific geological item, or meteorological items such as rainbows and snowflakes.

For an overview see Category:Geology

Other charges by category

Agriculture and fisheries

This includes any type of charge dealing with agriculture and fisheries, except the plants or animals which are listed separately. Agricultural buildings and parts thereof (such as granaries) are listed under buildings.

For more, see Category:Agriculture


For an overview see Category:Buildings


This category includes any non-military type of clothes, such as shirts, gloves, hats, boots etc. For helmets, chain mail and military gloves, see Military

For an overview see Category:Clothes

Science, Education and learning

This includes any type of charge dealing with teaching and education, including letters, books, pens, scrolls etc.

For more items, see Category:Education

Food and cooking

This includes any type of food not listed under Plants. It includes meats, bread, salt and and similar products. It also includes cooking utensils, such as forks, jugs, jars and kettles. It also includes the Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia

For more items see Category:Food

Industry, mining and tools

This includes any type of charge dealing with small or large industry, ranging from spinning wheels to nuclear power symbols and chemical structures. Industrial buildings and parts thereof (such as wind mill blades) are listed under buildings. For agricultural and fisheries charges, see Agriculture.

For an overview see Category:Industry

Music and Musical instruments

Some examples:

For more items see Category:Music

Religious objects

This includes anything to do with religion, God, Saints and their symbols, monks, churches, angels etc. Some examples:

For more items see Category:Religious images


This includes anything to do with royalty, such as crown, orbs, sceptres etc.

For an overview see Royalty


For an overview see Category:sports

This includes any sport-relates items or persons, such as skiers or golf glubs


For an overview see Category:Transport

This includes any type of boat, car, train etc as well as parts thereof (wheels, oars).


For an overview see Category:Archaeology

This includes any type of human made object found in archaeological excavations, or prehistoric buildings and artefacts.

Weapons and military items

For more items see Category:Military

Other objects

Any object not classified in any of the categories above (such as candles etc), some examples:

For more items, see Category:Other objects


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