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Heraldry of the World


This is the image catalogue of the site. All images of the site will be catalogued and listed with this site as a starting point.

Images are listed by Categories. There are three main groups of categories :

  • Images by country, to look for arms of a certain town/country
  • Collector's items, to browse through all images of heraldic postcards, stamps, tobacco cards etc
  • Religious heraldry, to look for arms of religious institutions

In total over 65.000 images will be listed in the catalogue. At present just over 53.000 are listed.

As this new version of the site is still under development, an image may be found, but no information page linking to it. This may be because page has not yet been transferred from the old site. If you find such an unlinked image contact me and I will upload the page to the new site.

Also not all collector's item files are directly linked from any of the pages, as sometimes there are hundreds of images belonging to one album or series. On the information pages only the series and some examples are mentioned. But if you find an unlinked page, use the menu on the left to browse through the specific section of collector's items to find the appropriate pages.

This category currently contains no pages or media.