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Civic heraldry of Montenegro

CETINJE (Цетиње)

Arms (crest) of Cetinje

Official blazon


The left arms show a stylised blue eagle with two heads symbolising the Montenegrin eagle, the blue border is actually made from the wings of the eagle.

The eagle surrounds an open book, called OKTOIH PETOGLASNIK, the first printed book in South Slavs. It was printed in 1494.
Above the book is the monastery of Cetinje, center of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro.

The previous arms, used in the early 20th century, show the Monastery of Cetinje as it looked previously.


On the top of the hill is the "Tablja", the place where Turkish heads were shown during the longtime struggle against the Ottoman Empire.

Literature : Image send to me by Dragomir Acovic (acovic@EUnet.yu), information provided by Milos Milosevic - Laki (montenegrino7@yahoo.com)