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Heraldic literature

This page shows the sources used, or to be used, on the Australian part of the site Heraldry of the World. Not all the information from the literature mentioned below has been added to the site yet. If you require information from one of the sources below, please contact me.

I am always looking more more, local, literature, such as newspaper articles etc. If you want to donate these, please send them as pdf or contact me !

Posters, websites, mails/letters, stamps, postcards, maps and similar sources are not included. For an overview of heraldic picture albums, tobacco cards, trade cards, stamps etc, see here)

Books and references

  1. Anonymous : Tasmanian coat of arms. Huon Times August 17, 1917.
  2. Anonymous : Adelaide's coat of arms. Chronicle, February 16, 1929.
  3. Anonymous : Lismore's coat of arms. Northern Star, April 25, 1947, page 4.
  4. Anonymous : Dubbo Regional Council has new Coat of Arms designed. Wellington Times, May 29, 2019.
  5. Au-002.books.jpg Bruce, J.L. : Flags and emblems of Australia. Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst, 1996.
  6. Au-003.books.jpg Gullick, W.A. : The New South Wales coat of arms with notes on the earlier seals. Sydney, 1921, 36 p. no ISBN.
  7. Au-001.books.jpg Low. C. : A roll of Australian arms. Rigby Ltd Adelaide, 1971. 184 p. ISBN 0-85179-149-2.
  8. Au-004.books.jpg Puttock, A.G. : Heraldry in Australia. Child and Associates, French Forests NSW, 1988. 158 p. ISBN 0-86777-388.
  9. Ströhl, H.G. : Das neue Wappen von Australien. Schweizer Archiv für Heraldik, 27(1913)87-91