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Heraldry of the World
Heraldic literature

This page shows the sources used, or to be used, on the South African part of the site Heraldry of the World. Not all the information from the literature mentioned below has been added to the site yet. If you require information from one of the sources below, please contact me.

I am always looking more more, local, literature, such as newspaper articles etc. If you want to donate these, please send them as pdf or contact me !

Posters, websites, mails/letters, stamps, postcards, maps and similar sources are not included. For an overview of heraldic picture albums, tobacco cards, trade cards, stamps etc, see here)

Books and references

(Some articles are from ARMA, the Quartely Bulletin of the Heraldic Society of Southern Africa/Kwartaalblad van die Heraldiese Genootschap van Suidelike Afrika, a bulletin issued non-regularly and with consecutive numbering from the first issue, 1959; therefore just the page numbers are given for this journal)

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  2. Anonymous : The armorial bearings of the colony of the Cape of Good Hope. Genealogical Magazine 4(1900)184-187.
  3. Anonymous : Cape Town's arms. The Argus, June 14, 1974.
  4. Anonymous : Goodword's coat of arms. ARMA 181-182.
  5. Anonymous : Arms of Virginia. ARMA 718-729.
  6. Anonymous : Homeland emblems strike a symbolic note. The Star June 20, 1975.
  7. Anonymous : Staatsimbole van KwaZulu. Informa, april 1985.
  8. Bodel : J.D. : The coat of arms and other heraldic symbols of the city of Pretoria. ARMA p. 1989-2003.
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