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COLYTON (Parish council)

Council : East Devon

Arms (crest) of Colyton

Official blazon

Arms : Per chevron Or and azure, in chief two torteaux and in base a saltire argent; on a chief of the second semee-de-lys of the first a lion rampant also argent.
Crest: On a wreath of the colours, In front of two ostrich feathers inclining outwards a sword, point downwards, proper, hilt and pommel Or, and a civic mace gold in saltire.
Motto: More majorum.


The arms were officially granted on April 15, 1954.

The white diagonal cross on blue denotes that Colyton Parish Church is dedicated to St. Andrew. The two red roundels on gold are from the arms of Henry Courtenay, executed in 1539. It was through his adversity that the Colyton Chamber of Feoffees came into existence. The silver lion and gold fleurs-de-lys on blue are from the arms of the Pole family, lords of the manor for nearly 400 years.

The gold mace and the sword represent the former borough of Colyford; while the two ostrich feathers represent the Courtenays, Earls of Devon, being from their crest of seven ostrich feathers within a crest coronet.

The motto means: "After the manner of our ancestors".

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