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Comments and suggestions are very welcome, but we cannot immediately process new information. We do, however, try to answer as soon as possible questions regarding permission or reported mistakes and to add information on request.

We have no data on coats of arms of families, individual persons or genealogical data ! 

You can mail in :

  • English or Nederlands and you will receive answers in English or Dutch.
  • If you send an e-mail in : German, French, Danish, Icelandic, Swedish, Czech, Slovak or Norwegian, you will receive answer in English.
  • if you send an e-mail in another language, it can't be read ...

Please read the following carefully :

  • Contributions (new images/information) to the site can be send with as subject : Civic Heraldry Contributions. (also if you have images of the use of civic arms in your town !)
  • If you would like us to add information on a certain town, send a mail with the subject : Please add information with the name of the town(s) in the mail.
  • Permission for use of images or texts can be send with as subject : Permission asked for use
  • Please send any broken links or mistakes in the lay-out with as subject Broken Link.
  • If you need help in identifying unknown arms (NOT family arms !) send a mail with as subject : Can you identity these arms ?
  • If you have any books for sale first have a look in the literature list, whether we already have it, send a mail with as subject : Books for sale
  • If you have any other items to offer send a mail with as subject : Offer

If these topics are not mentioned, the mail will automatically be rejected as spam !

We apologise for the inconvenience, but we receive too many mails and some structuring is necessary...

Postal address of the site:

Stichting Heraldry of the World i.o.
Busehof 7
6871 BM Renkum
the Netherlands

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