Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

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Continentale Verlags-Anstalt : Wappen-Sammel-Album

Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Album information :

  • Issued by : Many small companies, but printed by Continentale Verlags-Anstalt, Sigmund Loewenthal, Hamburg
  • Date of issue : 1912
  • Number of stamps/cards : at least 397
  • Image variants : -


The album was issued in 1912 and contained an introduction, followed by 40 pages for 480 images. According to the Köberich cataloge only 330 were actually issued (but I am aware of 397 so far).

The images could be collected from a large number of small companies in Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Holland (and maybe other countries as well). These companies issued advertising cards, with two images, that could be cut out and placed in the album. Probably due to WWI the series were not completed, as, according to the cards, one card was issued weekly. With 480 cards that would mean 240 weeks, or finishing by the end of 1916 or early 1917.

The album was issued as the first out of a series of two (the second was never issued) and contained the arms of present and former (non-European) countries and European cities.

At least two different album formats for the first album were issued, see the two images above. In the left version the index was added as loose pages, whereas in the right album the index was part of the album. Except for the typography and the name of the album, the albums are identical in content.

The cards were also sold as postcards, without advertisement and perforations.

Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Example of a German card
Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Example of a Dutch card
Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Example of a postcard (posted March 14, 1918)
Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Example of a German card from the now French city of Colmar
Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Example of a German card from München
Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Example of other postcards
Arms (crest) of Continentale Verlags-Anstalt

Series from one bookshop:

Cards of the following companies are known to me, but there must be many more (if you have any or any information, please contact me) :

  • Eugen Barth, Books and office supplies, Colmar, Germany (now France)
  • Lorenz Beyer, Bookshop, Mittweida, Germany
  • Robert Doležal Jr., Bookshop, Arnau an der Elbe, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Hostinné, Czech Rep.)
  • Berta Finking, Schoolsupplies, Wilmersdorf, Germany
  • Richard Glaubig, Germania Drogerie, Drugstore, Zehlendorf, Germany
  • Willy Gross, paper supplies and book binders, Dresden, Germany
  • Engelb. Hanel, School and papersupplies, Wiener-Neustadt, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Austria)
  • Georg Hoehn, Bookshop and printers, Pirna, Germany
  • Anna Kleinitzer, School supplies, Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Austria)
  • Knopf Warenhaus, Diedehofen, Germany
  • J.J.N. Loretz, Book- and artshop, 's Hertogenbosch, Holland
  • Arno Loth, School supplies, Rosenheim, Germany
  • Otto Müller, Paper and leather goods, Rixdorf (now part of Berlin), Germany (2 types)
  • Alfred Nautze, printers, Pirna, Germany
  • August Peter, Coffee, tea and other foods, Halle an der Saale, Germany
  • Sebastian Pohl, Butcher, Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Austria) (2 types)
  • Herman Protz, Bookshop, Rixdorf bei Berlin, germany
  • Julie Reinhard, Book- and artshop, München, Germany
  • Jos. Joh, Schweizer, Bookshop, Leitmeritz, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Litoměřice, Czech Rep.)
  • Wilhelm Wartenberg, Bookshop, Friedenau, Germany
  • unknown issue : back states only Tees, Kakao, Schokoladen (tea, coffee, chocolates)
  • unknown issue : back states only Nähr- und Stärkungsmittel für Kinder und Rekonvaleszenten (food for children and for recovering)
  • Several companies issued cards without text on the back of the stamp

For an overview of all countries and cities represented, see the introduction to the album (pdf).


Not all images may have been issued !