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Denmark - Kongeriget Danmark

Denmark.jpg Denmark-flag.gif Denmark-location.jpg
The National Arms of Denmark The National Flag Location

Administrative division

Denmark is since 2007 divided into 5 regions and 98 municipalities. Prior to 2007 the country was divided into 13 counties (Amter) and 270 municipalities. These were formed since the first main municipal reform in 1970 when the 1300 towns and parishes and 24 counties were combined to the new counties and municipalities.

Until 1919 another local form of government existed in Denmark, the herreds ('hundreds'). The herreds were formed of groups of parishes ('sogn'), and formed with one or more towns a county.

The present regions do not use coats of arms. Most of the old counties used arms, as do/did most of the municipalities. Also, most of the older herreds used arms. Only municipalities or counties that used arms are listed, but for each present municipality historical entities will be mentioned, also the ones without arms.

Arms of Counties (Amter or Amtskommuner)

Municipal heraldry of Denmark



Rodekro.jpgArms of municipalities (kommuner)Fakse2.jpg

Hindborg.herred.jpgArms of hundreds (herred)Somme.herred.jpg

Religious or ecclesiastical heraldry of Denmark

Collector's items

Overseas territories