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DIEPHOLZ (DH) (until 1977 Grafschaft Diepholz)

State : Niedersachsen
Additions: 1932 Sulingen, 1977 Grafschaft Hoya (1932 Syke)

Wappen von Diepholz (kreis)/Arms (crest) of Diepholz (kreis)
Official blazon
German blazon wanted
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The arms were granted on July 25, 1979.

The new arms combine the lion of Diepholz with the bear claws of Hoya.

Wappen von Diepholz (kreis)/Coat of arms (crest) of Diepholz (kreis)

The previous arms were granted on October 1st, 1951.

The lion is the original arms of the Lords of Diepholz, since 1531, Counts of Diepholz. The eagle was added to the arms of the family in 1285, through marriage with the Counts of Rietberg. The bear-claws are the arms of the Grafschaft Hoya and are taken as a symbol of the former district Sulingen, that, since 1582, was part of the territory of the Counts of Hoya.

Coat of arms (crest) of Diepholz (kreis)

Postal cancellation 1968
Wappen von Diepholz (kreis)/Coat of arms (crest) of Diepholz (kreis)

Postal cancellation 1977

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