Diocese of Northern Michigan

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Denomination : Anglican

Official blazon

Azure, on a cross or between in 1st a pine cone or, in 2nd a indian and a trapper ina canoe or, in 3rd a beaver salient or, and in 4th a pickax and a spade in saltire reversed or, charged with seven mullets azure; surtout an enschuteon azure, three fleur-de-lis or, a border or.


The Red Cross symbolizes Anglican Heritage. The Pinecone alludes to the Lumber Industry and the Canoe symbolizes the French Voyageurs and thier influnce in the Area. The Beaver is a symbols of the fur trading industry and the pick and shovel for the Mining industry. The Stars symbolizes "The Seven Stars of the North". The Diocese orginated as the Missionary District of Northern Michigan in 1892, already in 1893 it become the Diocese of Marquette. Changing its name to Diocese of Northern Michigan in 1937, the See of the Bishop is still in Marquette.

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Literature : Eckford De Kay: Heraldry in the Episcopal Church; Michael Francis McCarthy: Armoria Sedium