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State : Vorarlberg
District : Dornbirn

Wappen von Dornbirn

Official blazon


The arms were officially granted on September 23, 1655, February 28, 1902 and finally on February 1, 1929.

The original arms of the village probably showed a canting thorn (Dorn) bush. In 1655 this was replaced by a pear (Birn) tree with pears. The background shows the Austrian arms and was probably chosen to state that the town belonged to Austria as the neighbouring County of Hohenembs tried several times to acquire Dornbirn.

Wappen von Dornbirn

The arms in the Coffee Hag album +/- 1932
Wappen von Dornbirn

The arms in the Abadie albums
Wappen von Dornbirn

Special postal cancellation 1976

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Literature : Burmeister, 1975

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