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[[Literature]] : image provided by [http://www.fisicohomepage.hpg.ig.com.br/index Sergio Horta], background provided by Carlos Cordeiro (ccordeiro@coneddev.com)
[[Literature]] : image provided by [http://www.fisicohomepage.hpg.ig.com.br/index Sergio Horta], background provided by Carlos Cordeiro (ccordeiro@coneddev.com)
[[File:portugal.jpg|50 px|link=Portugal]][[Category:Portuguese municipalities E]]
[[Category:Portuguese municipalities E]]
[[Category:Granted 1946]]
[[Category:Granted 1946]]
[[Category:Granted 1992]]
[[Category:Granted 1992]]

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District : Santarém

Brasão de Entroncamento (city)

Official blazon

Escudo de negro, com um disco de sinalização, fechado de vermelho, orlado de prata, hasteado de ouro entre dois perfis de carril do mesmo. Coroa mural de cinco torres de prata. Listel branco com a inscrição, a negro, " ENTRONCAMENTO ".


The arms were officially granted on September 3, 1992.

Entrocamento was the closest thing in Portugal to a rail yard and is "entirely" connected with the railroads in Portugal. Here two lines branched, the northern and one that goes to Tomar.
What appears to be two cups or chalices, are really two rails for the trains...and the red circle is a stop sign associated with rail traffic.

The previous arms were granted on August 23, 1946 and only differ in the crown.

The arms from 1946
The arms on a calender from 1988

Freguesias in Entroncamento :

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Literature : image provided by Sergio Horta, background provided by Carlos Cordeiro (ccordeiro@coneddev.com)