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State : Nordrhein-Westfalen
District (Kreis) : Soest (until 1975 Lippstadt)
Amt : Amt Erwitte (until 1975)
Additions : 1975 Bad Westernkotten (partly), Berenbrock, Böckum, Ebbinghausen, Eikeloh, Horn-Millinghausen, Merklinghausen-Wiggeringhausen, Norddorf, Schallern, Schmerlecke, Seringhausen, Stripe, Völlinghausen, Weckinghausen

Wappen von Erwitte/Arms (crest) of Erwitte
Official blazon
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The arms are identical to the old arms of Amt Erwitte and were granted on December 21, 1977.

The history of the arms of Erwitte is rather complicated. Erwitte did not have formal arms until 1930. In 1930 arms were granted, based on the oldest seal, known from 1551 and 1623. The arms showed the patron saint of Erwitte, St. Lawrence, with the grill and a palm leaf, placed in front of the cross of the State of Köln. Historically the town belonged to Köln.

I have no image of those arms.

In 1936 Erwitte received city rights and on January 3, 1939 new arms were granted.

Wappen von Erwitte/Arms (crest) of Erwitte

These arms were a combination of the lion of the Lords of Erwitte in the upper half, and in the lower half the arms of the Lords of Landsberg. Both families ruled over the town until the late 16th century.

In 1951 the city suddenly returned to the use of the old arms from 1930. However, on February 12, 1958 the arms of 1936 were confirmed. These arms were used until 1977.

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