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Region : Catalonia
Province : Tarragona

Escudo de Falset

Official blazon

Escut caironat d'atzur, un castell d'or acostat de dos falçs afrontades d'argent. Per timbre una corona mural de la vila.


The arms were granted on December 24, 2010.

Falset is the chief town of the Priorat, a region well-known for its red wines. The castle in the arms refers to the medieval castle (12th cent.), residence of the barons of Prades since the 14th century, and still in use. The two sickles at both sides are canting ("falçs" in Catalan).

The previous arms:

Escudo de Falset

These arms were not official, but widely used.

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Literature : Image taken from Wikipedia; background from Enric Fontvila, Barcelona, old picture send by Rafael Portell, Spain