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Département : Loir-et-Cher

Blason de Fortan

Official blason

  • (fr) D'azur à deux crosses d'or adossées, accostées de deux fleurs de lis du même; à l'écusson d'or chargé de trois épis tigés et feuillés d'azur, brochant sur les crosses.


The arms were officially adopted on November 25, 1994.

The field with the fleur-de-lys and the crosiers is the arms of the Saint-Calais Abbey, to which the local church belonged. St. Calais is also the patron saint of the village. The small shield shows the arms of the Frémont family, in the 15th century owner of several estates in the municipality (Chesnay and Dianières). The small shield also indicates the agricultural character of the village.

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