Geislingen an der Steige

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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Göppingen
Additions : 1912 Altenstadt; 1966 Weiler ob Helfenstein; 1971 Türkheim; 1972 Eybach, Stötten, Waldhausen; 1975 Aufhausen

Wappen von Geislingen an der Steige

Official blazon



The first time the arms of Geislingen are described dates from August 13, 1367 in a document by Count Ulrich of Helferstein, in which he determines the seals and arms of his city. The seal is supposed to be smaller than the main seal of the count, but larger than his smallest seal. The seals should show the arms of the city, which were identical to the arms of the Count, except for the addition of a crown on the shield. The arms thus showed a white elephant on a mountain and a crest with a rising elephant. The seal has been used at least until 1408, even though the city had become a possession of the city of Ulm in 1367.

In the early 15th century the arms were replaced by the divided shield of the city of Ulm. Why or when the rose was added to the arms is not quite known, but in any case in the early 15th century.

All later arms show the divided shield with the rose. The only difference is that sometimes the division is changed, making the shield with a black chief and below a silver field with the rose. These arms, however, were never the official arms of the city. Similarly, the shape and size of the rose has changed often during the centuries, but the rose itself was never removed.

Wappen von Geislingen an der Steige

The arms in a manuscript +/- 1530
Siegel von Geislingen an der Steige

The municipal stamp shown in 1892
Wappen von Geislingen an der Steige

The arms by Hupp in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925

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