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Bishop of the Liberal Catholic diocese of the Netherlands, 2010-present

Arms (crest) of Gert Jan van der Steen
Official blazon
Dutch In goud een gelijkarmig blauw leliekruis, doorbroken door een eveneens blauwe ring waarbinnen op een gouden veld een rood hart; het schild geplaatst op een rechtopstaande en omgewende gouden bisschopsstaf; het schild overtapt door een groene hoed met aan weerszijden afhangend zes groene kwasten, in drie rijen 1-2-3; spreuk: 'PLENI SUNT CAELI ET TERRA GLORIA TUA' (= 'Hemel en aarde zijn vervuld van uw glorie').
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The arms were adopted on September 19, 2010.

The cross with ring and heart is a simplification of the cross that the bishop saw in a vision while visiting Lourdes. This was a continuation of a previous vision in which the power of Christ flowed through the circles of Celtic crosses. In Lourdes, the power of Mary flowed through a red heart contained within a blue-filled circle. The circle was in the center of an equal-armed cross with French lilies on the ends. Iconographically, the lilies represent the Holy Trinity; Gabriel also holds lilies during the annunciation.

The golden field symbolizes the 'glory' from the motto. Pleni means 'fulfilled, full'. To represent this, the entire shield has been made gold. The field is also gold inside the ring. Thus the glory shines from the beating heart over all creation (the shield).

The curl of the staff also represents the mystery of inward development, supported by the Wisdom of the Mother.

The motto is taken from the 'Preface' sung in the Holy Mass.

Literature: Image and info from Hans van Heijningen

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