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Canton : Glarus
Additions : 2011 Betschwanden, Braunwald, Elm, Engi, Haslen (2006 Leuggelbach, Nidfurn), Linthal, Luchsingen (2004 Diesbach, Hätzingen), Matt, Mitlödi, Rüti, Schwanden, Schwändi, Sool

Wappen von Glarus-Süd/Arms (crest) of Glarus-Süd

Official blazon

In Blau eine gelbe Sonne mit 17 Strahlen über erniedrigtem und gestürztem weissen Wellensparren.


The arms were adopted in 2009 for the new municipality and became valid in 2011.

Initially two different arms were proposed, see below.



The left arms refer with the colour and the star to the Bäldi family, as the governor of Glarus, Joachim Bäldi, in 1548 established the first nature reserve in the area, which he named Fryberg. At the time (2009) the proposed name of the municipality was Fryberg as well. The star had 13 points for the 13 old municipalities.
The two wavy bends refer to the Linth and Sernft rivers in the municipality.

The right arms showed the same rivers and the typical snowfields on the Tödimassiv mountains.

During a local meeting the majority of the people preferred the blue colour, but the star instead of the snow. However, as there have been 17 old municipalities (until 2004), the star was replaced by a sun with 17 rays.

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