Boží Dar

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Province: Karlovarský Kraj
District (Okres) : Karlovy Vary

Arms (crest) of Boží Dar

Official blazon


The city was founded in 1531 as "Wintergrun" but was renamed to "Gottesgab - Boží Dar" (or God's gift) after enormous silver deposits were found underneath it. In 1546 it was elevated to a free mining town and has been using arms with miner's hammers since the same century. During the 17th century, the city began using "God, the Father" as the supporter, making the arms into canting arms.

The colours of the arms are known from the 19th century.

Wappen von Boží Dar

The arms by Widimsky, 1864
Seal of Boží Dar

Seal from around 1900
Arms of Boží Dar

The arms in an album from 1955
Arms of Boží Dar
The arms by Jan Čaka (1985)

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