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State : Brandenburg
District (Kreis) : Prignitz
Additions: 2003 Baek (1971 Steinberg; 1973 Tangendorf; 1974 Gulow, Hohenvier), Boddin-Langnow (1974 Boddin, Langnow), Groß Woltersdorf, Helle (1957 Groß Langerwisch), Kehrberg, Kuhbier, Kuhsdorf (19?? Bullendorf), Klein Gottschow (1974 Guhlsdorf), Lindenberg, Retzin (1963 Kreuzburg, Rohlsdorf), Tüchen (1962 Reckenthin), Vettin, Wolfshagen (1974 Seddin, Tacken)

Wappen von Groß Pankow/Arms (crest) of Groß Pankow
Official blazon
German In Rot auf einer silbernen Leiste eine auffliegende gold-bewehrte silberne Gans mit goldenem Halsring, darunter im von gestürzten silbernen Lindenblättern bestreuten Feld eine goldene Urne mit Deckel.
English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on May 12, 2004.

The goose in the upper half is taken from the arms of the noble family Gans Edle von Putlitz, which played a mayor role in the area for nearly 800 years.

The lower half shows an urn, symbolising the large archaeological discovery known as the Kö­nigsgrab von Seddin (Seddin royal grave), dating from around 800 BC. The linden leaves symbolise the many villages in the municipality, which are characterised by the presence of linden trees.

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