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Civic heraldry of the United Kingdom > Channel Islands
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The arms are those of the Kingdom of England and of Normandy. The arms are identical to those used by Jersey (except for the small leaf on top of the Guernsey arms).

The arms have never officially been granted to the islands. The arms are derived from the oldest known seals of the island, which were granted in 1290/1 by King Edward I. The seals showed the royal arms, i.e. the three lions. Ever since the islands have used the royal arms as their own, on seals, prints and coins.

The continued use of the royal arms was granted after a long discussion in 1907, but the arms were not officially granted to the islands.


The arms on a coin from 1885

The arms as used on a Faulkner +/- 1905

Guernsey is divided into 12 parishes, none of which uses arms.

Literature : Bretton, no year.